What people say

Here are a few of the many comments we have received since our launch.

  • "Looks great" All the best, Jason Froman La Reserve Wines Australia
  • "Sounds like great fun" Angela Muir MW ( Yes it is!!)  
  • "I love the concept of M"   Mark de Vere MW
  • “The M label design looked amazing” Alison Wheatley, RNZFB  
  • “Very well done the bottle looks so pretty I really like the design and the concept” Justine Leroy
  •  “The producer stories good plus really like your use of imagery” Ian Hawkes AIWS Inspire Wines Ltd  
  • “Thanks so much for sharing your Limited Edition plans with me. I've had a quick whizz around the site and am very impressed. I particularly LOVE the packaging, spectacular!” Michelle Beck Director Orbis Marketing
  •  “Looks fantastic. I love the label. Will try to get my mits on a bottle”  Sarah Biss
  • "M Concept is pretty cool. Got any other wines lined up for near future?" Will Jack  of Borough Wines ( Yes we have bottling today 22/10/13)
  • "Very nice impression and I like the personalised touches" Philip Goodband MW "
  • Can't wait to try the product !!" Helen O'Shaughnessey  
We have also been lucky enough to be featured in the following:

  • Financial Times - How to Spend it
  • Tom Canavan - Wines Pages