Limited Edition Wines

Limited Edition Wines

We are a slightly different wine shop because we commission winemakers to make limited edition wines of their choice. We do this in the normal way by paying the winemakers their fee, renting the winery space,buying the grapes, barrels bottles etc. and with the following differences:

 M-Wines winemakers guidelines:

“Make your own wine, as you want to make it – if you like your‘dream’ wine”

“Please make a wine that can be laid down and kept”

“Just make about 4 barrels” that’s enough for 1,000 numbered bottles and some sampling wines

We also source wines from growers and wineries we meet.The two things we always keep consistent are firstly that they are only available in very limited numbers and secondly all our winemakers and growershave total freedom to make the wine they want to make. Not to a ‘formula’ or to make a special price  – a wine that reflects their talent and the place the grapes are grown.  It’s a simple philosophy really – just let talented people do their own thing and get on with it and you will get great results.

Most people we meet say our wines make really great gifts and strangely enough mostly for men. We are very used to hearing “my husband /brother / uncle / son is a nightmare to buy for – he already has everything!” Really? We like to think that they are unique gifts for men and women alike.

Whoever they are for you can also choose a wine gift box that suits and give a gift that is truly unique.  The numbered bottle and winemakers biography also guarantees a personal touch and that little bit of exclusivity.


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Côtes du Roussillon Villages by Thomas Raynaud

Côtes du Roussillon Villages by Thomas Raynaud

  • Vintage: 2011
  • Country: France

 With fruit from old vines this wine is likely to be strong, with good tannins and excellent fr..


DOC Douro Vinho Tinto by Rita Ferreira Marques

DOC Douro Vinho Tinto by Rita Ferreira Marques

  • Vintage: 2015
  • Country: Portugal

Hidden in the hills near Meda in the Douro Superior Region of northern Portugal is Rita's oldest plo..


DO Empordà by Oriol Guevara

DO Empordà by Oriol Guevara

  • Vintage: 2012
  • Country: Spain

 Elegant wine with Intense fruit from 100 year old Carignan (Samsó) vines. —A century old viney..


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