Hidden in the hills near Meda in the Douro Superior Region of northern Portugal is Rita's oldest plot of a vast mixture of 80+ year old Vines. Viticulturist Nuno Rafael said he could identify 'about 20 varieties*, but not all' in this vineyard.. Rita said "2015 was my best harvest ever, and probably the best I will have in some years to come. Everything was perfect, and this was especially noted for the red* wines"

* Note the description "Vihno Tinto" (Red Wine). This is very typical of this region - there are so many varieties in this field (including whites), no variety dominates, it can only be described as "Red Wine" or a "Field Blend" 

That Rita has the capacity to surprise is a known quantity”…. “And when it comes to what’s in the bottle she certainly delivers” Sarah Ahmed

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DOC Douro Vinho Tinto by Rita Ferreira Marques

  • Product Code: RFMDO-15
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Country: Portugal
  • £20.00


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