About M-Wines


M-Wine founder Philip Morton came up with 'The M-Wines' idea in 2009 whilst promoting Robert Mondavi wines at the London Art Fair. He realised that people were just as interested in Robert Mondavi the person as they were in the wines. They wanted to hear about the people behind the wine and there was a real appreciation of the winemakers craft. He kept meeting winemakers making good consistent wines year after year for other people. But the wines were almost made to a formula and it seemed that the winemakers were all 'frustrated artists'. Yet, all of them had a pet project - a dream wine that they told him about. So he had an idea to commission them to make the wine of their choice and put their name on the bottle.  

The M idea was there, but he also wanted to make it a collectable / Limited Edition like the people in the London Art Fair had been buying.  The letter 'M" is the Roman numeral for 1,000, which inspired M on the label.

M-wines tells the real personal stories behind these wines. The passionate winemaker's career is promoted by allowing them to experiment and stretch themselves. M-wines truly believe the quality of the wine comes from good fruit and the total freedom of the winemaker to express themselves. This is showing with all 4 M-Wines recently being rated between 92-93/100 by respected wine writers Tom Cannavan and Rosemary George MW.

M-Wine is what it is, nothing contrived, just a passionate winemakers best wine and their own story in their own words.

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