About M-Wines

The M-Wines Idea came in several parts - born out of admiration for the craft of winemakers and growers and a little personal frustration.

The first part of the jigsaw came in 2009 whilst promoting Robert Mondavi wines at the London Art Fair, the more I talked to people the more I realised people were just as interested in Robert Mondavi the person as they were in the wines. They wanted to hear about the people behind the wine and there was a real appreciation of the winemakers craft.

Frustrated Artists

The second part was that I kept meeting winemakers making good consistent wines year after year for other people. But the wines were almost made to a formula and it seemed that the winemakers were all 'frustrated artists'. Yet ...ALL of them had a pet project - a dream wine that they told me about. So I had an idea to commission them to make the wine of their choice and put their name on the bottle. 

After 21 years in sales and marketing with big corporates I got a bit tired of stretching the truth as far as it could go and in 2010 I got my 'big break' my job was made redundant for the second time in a year so I had to try something new.

The 3.30am moment

The M idea was there, but I also wanted to make it a collectable / Limited Edition like the people in the London Art Fair had been buying. I had the letter 'M" in my brain as a brand and then I had a '3.30am moment' when my body wanted to sleep but my mind didn't - Isn't M the Roman numeral for 1,000? (yes I did get up and Google it to make sure). 

Where quality comes from

I wanted to tell the real personal stories behind these wines. As an ex school teacher I like the element of helping to develop a passionate young winemakers' career by allowing them to experiment and stretch themselves. I truly believe the quality of the wine comes from good fruit and the total freedom of the winemaker to express themselves. This is showing with all 4 M-Wines recently being rated between 92-93/100 by respected wine writers Tom Cannavan and Rosemary George MW.

An M-Wine is what it is, nothing contrived, just a passionate winemakers best wine and their own story in their own words.

Philip Morton