Food and Wine Matching - My Palate

This is a perfect pre-dinner tasting - Learn about your palate and how it reacts with various foods and wine. The aim is for you to learn more about your own palate and put it into practice immediately. Philip Morton is a qualified Wine Educator who will take you through a 30-45min lesson about your palate (and no-one else's). 

See mwines1000 on youtube for a flavour of the tasting when we run it at Maltby St market.  


- Tasting 5 wines to see what you would like to drink that day

- The "Lesson"; choose 3 wines with key food flavours (Salty, Sweet, Bitter, Sour "Umami" (Savory), plus chilli heat

- Philip will guide you through how and why the taste of wine can change with different foods

- write your 'Personal Prescription' for your palate and keep it for life

- Discounts on M-Wines purchased on the day

Pricing Themes and Numbers:

We can accommodate groups from 8-25 for a private wine tasting at home (more by exception or for Corporate Groups)

To book or discuss your needs please us contact me, Mob: 07768 182 538  NB extra costs will apply to hire a venue.

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Food and Wine Matching

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