Tasting at Your Place

Private tastings: 

An M-Wine tasting is always, entertaining informative, but most of all wine tasting experience designed to suit you. You tell me what you want I will make it as fun or technical as you like. (Within reason of course – I don’t do drinking games, but wouldn’t bore you with the fine details  either). I am a graduate and qualified wine educator with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust

Pricing Themes and Numbers:

We can accommodate groups from 8-20 people (25 at a pinch) . Prices will vary depending on the tasting requested and wines chosen and the venue.  A guide would be a welcome drink plus 5 wines @ £25 per person for the examples below. NB extra costs will apply to hire a venue.

 To Book or discuss your needs please us contact me on Mob: 07768 182 538  

Please include:

  •  Theme 
  •  Ideal date
  • Type of event (Corporate, friends, birthday etc.)
  • Number of people
  • Venue
  • Any other special requests  

Examples of M-Wines Tasting Experiences (all can be adapted to suit your needs)

 "The finishing touch" A personal guide to food and wine matching - I will help you calibrate your palate ( See mwines1000 on YouTube for reviews) 

  • 5 wines including food taste to use as examples to match
  • A few basics about matching and trying various wines with key flavours Salt, sweet, Sour, bitter, umami (Savory), what chili heat does to wine 
  • 8-25 people, £25pp (min charge £200) in your home / office, NB extra will apply to hire a venue).

·       "Can’t get enough of this" Chocolate and Wine matching

  •   Welcome drink + 5 wines / 5 chocolates (usually at least 4 dark chocolates)
  • Things wine and chocolate have in common and the differences between wine and chocolate.
  •  A few basics about wine and food matching applied to Chocolate which is fundamentally BITTER
  •  Lots of scoffing and slurping
  • 8-25 people, £25pp ( min charge £200)  in your home / office, NB extra will apply to hire a venue.

 NZ Wines Vs. Rest of the world

  • 6-8 wines
  • Choose wine varieties from NZ and match them with the same variety form another place in the world (we can mix as many whites or reds as you please)
  • A little bit of NZ background and the matching rest of the world wine and explain the differences between them
  • Where else in the world to find wines similar to the ones you like and what to look for on the label.
  • NZ / World challenge blind tasting - guess which is from NZ and which is from the rest of the world 
  • 8-25 people, £25pp (min charge £200) in your home / office, NB extra will apply to hire a venue.

Other themes I have hosted; The Perfect Antipodes : NZ/ Spain Portugal; Rugby Nations - wines from 8 Rugby Nations;  Wine, Cheese and Chocolate

Discount with all tastings:

We always offer the opportunity to taste at least some of M-Wines and a 10% discount is offered M-Wines bought on the day.

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